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Donate Happiness to poor child to stop labour child

Seva Group Foundation

The Seva Foundation, NGO for stop child labour in Noida, works for the welfare of poor street children and other vulnerable children in India. Our organization provides these children shelter, food, education and medical assistance. We also work towards rehabilitating and reintegrating these children into mainstream society. The Seva Foundation has helped thousands of children in need and continues to work towards improving the lives of underprivileged children in India.

As an NGO for stop child labour in Noida, we work to combat child labour and provide these children with education and other opportunities. We provide education, food, shelter, and medical care to children who would otherwise be forced to work to survive. We believe every child deserves a chance to grow and thrive, and we are dedicated to providing the resources they need.

The most vulnerable children in today’s context are the children living on streets in cities and towns. Since they have no one to take care, these children face multitude of challenges –verbal abuses, sexual abuses and emotional abuses. These kids are deprived of protection, lack education opportunity and basically food.

We provide basic needs such as food and shelter and also work to provide them with an education and a better future. We believe every child deserves a chance to succeed and work hard to make that happen for the children in our care.
Our focus is on:

Making education of poor children more accessible
Promoting the welfare of children in India
Improving health, nutrition and wellbeing
Working with communities to build their strength and resilience

Our NGO for a poor child provides necessities and education to poor street children. They also work to provide a safe and secure environment for these children. We advocate for laws and policies protecting children from exploitation. We work to raise awareness of the issue of child labour and to build support for efforts to end it. We believe every child deserves to be safe, healthy, and happy, and we will continue fighting for their rights.

Most of the street children have health issues due to the unhygienic surrounding and habits. The NGO take concentrated care in improving their health and behavioural change. One can contribute and Donate medical support for street children. This can be done by online transfer or even materials in the form of medical aids. With your support, NGO can make sure these children are registered in schools, sheltered, conscious of their privileges, imparted with moral standards and values.



A donation of ₹ 1,000 a month can provide nutritious food to 1 child.
Once you donate, we will send you the name and photo of the child
you are supporting as well as periodic progress reports about them.