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Seva Group Foundation

Seva Group Foundation is an NGO that provides Donate for medical support to citizens and poor childeren in India. The organization was founded in response to the prolonged health crisis in India, which has left millions of people without access to primary medical care. Seva Group Foundation provides its patients with various medical services, including primary care, dental care, and mental health services.

Seva Group Foundation is committed to providing quality medical care to India's poor and marginalized communities. Our NGO provides free eye testing and spectacles to those in need, emergency medical treatment and regular medications to those who cannot afford them. We partner with other organizations and hospitals to provide these services to as many people as possible.

If you donate for Medical Support to old age people or citizens, our organization will provide medical assistance to underprivileged people in need with your help. Seva Group Foundation provides free medical care to those who cannot afford it and those unable to access quality medical care. Our organization also runs several medical camps and health awareness programmers’ to promote better health and wellbeing in underprivileged communities.

Our NGO provides kits with preventive care items like soaps, sanitizers, masks and immunity boosters to poor people. Our medical camps provide services focused on reducing illness and water-borne diseases in areas affected by natural disasters like cyclones. We also offer :

We provide free medical services to the needy, including free surgeries and medicines.
Hospitals provide free surgeries, free medicines and free diagnostics.
We have a dedicated team of volunteers who provide free medical services to the needy.
We primarily focus on the health care of the poor and underprivileged people.

Indian health system is yet to be evolved as in the western world. The people in rural part of the country and urban slum dwellers suffer from adverse health conditions. The NGO play a critical role in solving this health crisis in the country.

Taking health care to remote and needy people is the need of the hour. You can donate online for medical of poor people in Ghaziabad and your contribution will definitely change numerous lives. Health fairness can only be comprehended if vulnerable segments of the society get access to excellence and reasonable health care.



A donation of ₹ 1,000 a month can provide nutritious food to 1 child.
Once you donate, we will send you the name and photo of the child
you are supporting as well as periodic progress reports about them.