Seva Group Foundation CSR Policy

1. Preamble:

Seva Group Foundation, hereinafter referred to as "the NGO," is dedicated to improving the lives of rag picker children and their communities in Delhi NCR. Our CSR policy reflects our commitment to responsible and impactful corporate social responsibility initiatives.

2. CSR Objectives:

The primary objectives of our CSR initiatives are as follows:

To uplift the socio-economic conditions of rag picker children and their families.

To provide quality education and skill development opportunities to empower these children.

To promote environmental sustainability in line with the welfare of the communities we serve.

3. CSR Focus Areas:

Our CSR initiatives will primarily focus on the following areas:/p>

Education: We will strive to improve access to quality education for rag picker children by establishing and supporting educational programs, schools, and scholarships.

Skill Development: We will create opportunities for skill development and vocational training to enhance employability and self-sufficiency among rag picker children.

Environmental Sustainability: We will promote eco-friendly practices and undertake projects such as tree plantation drives and waste management to contribute to environmental conservation.

Healthcare: We will collaborate with healthcare organizations to provide access to healthcare services for rag picker children and their families.

4. Governance and Implementation:

The NGO's Board of Directors will oversee the implementation of CSR initiatives.

A dedicated CSR committee will be responsible for planning, executing, and monitoring CSR programs.

Regular audits and evaluations will be conducted to ensure transparency and accountability in CSR activities.

5. Stakeholder Engagement:

We will actively engage with stakeholders, including donors, volunteers, local communities, and partner organizations, to collaborate on CSR initiatives.

Regular communication and reporting will be maintained to keep stakeholders informed about the progress and impact of CSR programs.

6. Legal Compliance:

We will ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulations governing CSR activities in India, including the Companies Act, 2013.

7. Resource Allocation:

A specific budget will be allocated for CSR initiatives, and funds will be utilized effectively to maximize impact.

Financial reports related to CSR activities will be made available for public scrutiny.

8. Impact Assessment:

We will measure and evaluate the social, economic, and environmental impact of CSR initiatives to continually improve their effectiveness.

9. Collaboration and Partnerships:

We will seek collaborations and partnerships with corporations, government agencies, non-profits, and other stakeholders to amplify the impact of our CSR programs.

10. Review and Revision:

This CSR policy will be reviewed periodically and revised as needed to align with the evolving needs of rag picker children and their communities.

11. Conclusion:

Our CSR policy reflects our commitment to creating a positive and lasting impact on the lives of rag picker children in Delhi NCR and their communities. We believe that by adhering to this policy, we can contribute to meaningful change and social progress.


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